About Us

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Mission Statement

TACAWA is an active non-profit organization dedicated to guiding and enhancing awareness of the Turkish culture, art and heritage and to sponsor positive relationships between various Turkish and local communities. We do this through cultural, educational, and community events and outreach. TACAWA is an open organization that does not discriminate by ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, nationality, or sex.


1) To reach out and support new and existing Turkish, Turkish/American and American friends of Turkey in the Pacific Northwest.

2) Increase awareness of the history, culture and language of Turkey in the Puget Sound area through events, educational seminars and courses.

3) To resolve or improve common Turkish/American community issues and problems in the Puget Sound region and support efforts nationwide and internationally.

4) To maintain a fun and active Turkish American community in the Puget Sound area.


TACAWA is committed to respecting every individual and does not discriminate by ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, nationality, or sex.


1) To establish and rejuvenate the technology and supporting infrastructure to support the TACAWA community.

2) To become the premier cultural organization in Seattle with support for both new and existing Turkish American community members of all ages

3) To support existing trademark activities and as well as new activities that will build community in the entire Turkish American Community

4) Expand the mission of TACAWA to increase community support and education by becoming a federally recognized non-profit organization.

5) Expand membership and become a support resource for a larger group of Turkish, Turkish-American, and American members.