TACAWA Board Election

Dear Members and Friends of Turkish American Community,

On February 18th, TACAWA held its 2018-2019 board elections. The candidates for board positions were Tufan Erdinc, Ozgur Koc, Huseyin Erdim, Bengu Efe, Levent Hamdemir, Umut Ece, Onur Diker and Tansu Sagdic. As there were exactly the number of candidates as Board positions, the election was run as a vote of confidence for the above candidates, who were elected by a unanimous vote.

At the first board meeting, the positions were determined as listed below.

President: Tufan Erdinc
Vice President: Levent Hamdemir
Treasurer: Ozgur Koc
Secretary: Bengu Efe
Social Chairperson: Huseyin Erdim
Board Directors: Tansu Sagdic, Onur Diker
Auditor: Umut Ece

Thank you very much for your continued high confidence in and kind support to our voluntary board service. The new Board looks forward to serving our community in the upcoming year with their utmost efforts! Your support to us is very essential in building a united and robust community.


Meet the board members